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MD Thesis: 

“Validity of Objective Metrics of Psychomotor Performance in Laparoscopic Surgical Simulation”(Newcastle University 2007)


Quality improvement program to achieve acceptable colonoscopy completion rates: prospective before and after study: 

J E Ball, J Osbourne,S Jowett, M Pellen, M R Welfare. British Medical Journal. 2004 September 18; 329(7467): 665–667

Changing Cholecystectomy Practice in a District General Hospital:

 M.G.C.Pellen, M.Clarke, E.Nevill, L.F.Horgan. Surgical Endoscopy (2006): 20 Supplement (Abstract)

The Introduction of a Laparoscopic Approach for Midline and Incisional Herniae by the Northumbrian Upper Gastrointestinal Team of Surgeons (NUGITS):

M.Pellen, H.Andrew, L Horgan, S.Bawa, M.Youssef, S.Attwood. Surgical Endoscopy (2006): 20 Supplement (Abstract)

Ventral Hernia Mesh Repair: Lessons Learned From Introducing a Laparoscopic Approach in 113 Consecutive Cases.

M.Pellen, H.Andrew, S.Bawa, M.Youssef, S.Attwood. BJS. Volume 93, Issue S1 (May 2006). Abstract.

Construct Validity of the ProMIS Laparoscopic Simulator:

Pellen, MGC; Horgan, LF; Barton, JR; Attwood, SE. Surgical Endoscopy (2009) 23:130-139

Laparoscopic Surgical Skills Assessment: Can Simulators Replace Experts? 

Pellen, MGC; Horgan, LF; Barton, JR; Attwood, SE. World J Surg (2009) 33:440-447

Preoperative Factors Predicting Remission of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus After Roux- en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery for Obesity: 

Hall TC, Pellen MGC, Sedman PC, Jain PK. Obesity Surgery (2010) 20(9): 1245-1250

Safety and Efficacy of Self Expanding Removable Metal Oesophageal Stents During Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Resectable Oesophageal Cancer: 

Pellen MGC, Gilani SQ, Sabri S, Razack A, Jain PK. Diseases of the Oesophagus (Published Online)

Risk factors in laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A multivariate analysis:

V Kanakala, DW Borowski, MGC Pellen, S Dronamaraju,SAA Woodcock, K Seymour, SE Attwood, LF Horgan. Int J Surg. (2011). 9(4):318-23


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